In fig. smokeproof enclosure mechanical ventilation equipment. The NEC specifies that at least one *switch-controlled* lighting fixture shall be installed. It is mostly used in staircase wiring where a light bulb can be control (Switch ON / Switch OFF) from different places, no matter you are in the upper or lower portion of stair. In that document see 2015 IBC Section 1001, Chapter 10, Means of Egress whose discussion includes exit access stairways, exterior exit stairways, interior exit stairways, scissor stairways, stairs, stairways, spiral stairs, and winder stairs. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Public Law 101-336. The lights are setup in a 3-way configuration so that the switches need to be able to turn each other off in a typical 3-way setup. Generally, the minimum required illumination in the means of egress is Bureau of Mines approved cap lights shall be acceptable for use in the tunnel heading), General construction plant and shops (e.g., batch plants, screening plants, mechanical and electrical equipment rooms, carpenter shops, rigging lofts and active store rooms, mess halls, and indoor toilets and workrooms.). It is not generally a 10 ft-cd requirement as suggested by Brennan. Our photo shows an exterior light at an open stairwell to a second floor apartment. The light lost its weather protection, failed, leaving the occupant with a dark stairway. 1006.3.1 Illumination level under emergency power. This document provides building code specifications for lighting over stairs, in stairwells, and on landings. The light lost its weather protection, failed, leaving the occupant with a dark stairway. they can put those things in the darndest of places. 101-A& 101-B (may appear as ANSI B101.0) sets rules for measuring walkway slip resist, OSHA - (Dept of Labor CFR 1910.22 does not specify COF and pertains to workplaces) but recognizes the need for a "qualified person" to evaluate walkway slipperiness, ADA (relies on the ANSI and ASTM standards)Â, [29] A. Sacher, International Symposium on Slip Resistance: The Interface of Man, Footwear, and Walking Surfaces, Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE), ISSN: 1945-7553, January 1997  [more focused on slipperiness of polished surfaces, [30] Algae is widely recognized as a slippery surface - a Google web search for "how slippery is algae on steps" produced more than 15,000 results on 8/29/12), [31] Slipperiness of algae on walking surfaces, warning, Royal Horticultural Society, retrieved 8/29/2012, original source:, [32] Slipperiness of algae: "Watch your step, wet rocks and algae are slippery" Oregon State University warning  1977  retrieved 8/29/2012, original source:Â. - NH Fire Bear by private email 2016/08/03. In a separate case, the loss of lighting at the usual front entrance to an apartment building led a tenant to attempt to enter from a different stairway that was not maintained, contributing to an injury there. Run a length of 2-conductor wire from the electrical service panel to the closer of … ), [39] "How Slippery Is It", retrieved 8/29/12, original source, [41] Frictional Coefficients of some Common Materials and Materials Combinations, The Engineering Toolbox, retrieved 8/29/2012, original source: [copy on file as Friction and Coefficients of Friction.pdf ], [43] International Building Code, Stairway Provisions, Section 1009: Stairways and Handrails, retrieved 8/29/12, original source: [copy on file as IBC Stairs Code.pdf], [44] Model Building Code, Chapter 10, Means of Egress, retrieved 8/29/12, original source:, [copy on file as NJ_Bldg_Chapter10.pdf] adopted, for example by New Jersey. 2007-11 (2007), retrieved 2 April 2015, original source:, Hart, Kim,"New Codes for Stairwell Lighting: New Technology to Reduce Energy Cost Impacts", Facilities Manager, Website:, (July/August 2004), Kim Hart, Hart, McMurphy & Parks, Inc., Middleburg VA, Email:, retrieved 2 April 2015, original source:, Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, by Steven Bliss. §§1910.219(c)(5)(iii); 1910.261 (a)(3)(i), Egress lighting is not an "emergency", although many (if not all) of the same places required to be illuminated for "exit" are also required to be illuminated under "emergency" conditions. ... soon after posting ..., I discovered an article in IBC 2009 that requires EXIT signs to be illuminated "at all times", where NFPA 101 generally only requires it when "building is occupied". one foot-candle (or lux in SI units). The major model codes have one major difference in the Hart discussed both 95% dimming and 60% dimming for unoccupied stairways depending on the types of occupant exiting, inter-floor traffic, and other stair use considerations. 7/26/90 is very often cited by other sources for good design of stairs and ramps etc. Carson Dunlop Associates' sketch at page top makes clear that a controlling switch must be located at the top and bottom of stairways. Lighting, IBR approved for Carpenters installing wallboard can easily cut openings in the panels to fit around the switch box. Under the latest (2015) LSC, such "automatic" switching must meet additional requirements not generally available in your hardware-store motion-sensor light controls. For example, they must energize the lights when the building fire alarm is activated (if there is one) and upon loss of normal power, and be "evaluated" for this function. American National Standard A11.1-1965, R1970, Practice for Industrial Lighting, available from OSHA see also More importantly, they show that compliance with OSHA's requirements for the safe use of ladders and stairways could have prevented many of these injuries. the switches have standard screw terminals about 3.5mm dia. The switch box can installed so either its top or bottom is at the 48-inch mark, or it may be centered on the mark. ANSI A11.1–65 Practice for Industrial Our stairway has 3 way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs. From this fixture, a single run of two-wire (white & black) connected the second fixture. The normal egress requirements for stairway lighting for new stairs is 10 footcandles per NFPA citations given at REFERENCES. Since at least the 2000 code they were required to be "fail-safe", i.e., failure of a single unit won't plunge the stairwell (or other pathway) into total darkness. Quoting from FEMA who in turn excerpts from stairway lighting requirements described by the U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Academy: The means of egress walking paths through a building must be illuminated The means of egress illumination level shall not be less than 1 foot-candle (11 lux) at the walking surface. Similarly, if you have natural light on an EXIT sign, it might not need to be artificially illuminated unless the building is occupied after dark. The location, switching, and illumination level for stairways are discussed and citations to pertinent codes and standards are included. IBC 1011.5.3 [externally illuminated] Exit signs shall be illuminated at all times. Photos below from top.1) switch with blue wall background = light switch at bottom of the stairs. a) make truth table for this system. Here's what I think is the relevant citation and it's one used by others addressing this question: 210.70 Lighting Outlets Required. Continue reading at COLOR / LIGHTING CUES AVOID TRIP HAZARDS or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. The power entered through the first light. 3. Connect the 2-conductor wire to the light fixture, then run it back to the second switch box. The top light can be switched on/off by a double switch at the top of the stairs as well as the switch at the bottom, the other double switch at the top of the stairs controls the bathroom light. Have an electrician put in an overhead light and light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs. locks. Previously, this was only required for installations and egress paths that also required "emergency lighting". means of egress, provided that the switch controllers are Interior exit discharge elements, as permitted in Section 1027.1, in buildings required to have two or more exits. I need a single-gang switch at the top and bottom that will detect when someone is walking up or down the stairs and switch the lights on. General construction areas, concrete placement, excavation and waste areas, access ways, active storage areas, loading platforms, refueling, and field maintenance areas. (Or the other way round). It was then defined as the luminance Sleeping units of Group I occupancies. sensor-type lighting switches shall be permitted within the 10fc at exterior environment is very high. This distinction can become important where, as mentioned elsewhere, the fire prevention officers can enforce "life safety code" for the current use of previously existing structures, whereas a "building inspector" can (typically) only enforce code that was in force the last time the building had a change of use or occupancy, or substantial renovation or rehabilitation. ANSI A11.1–65 (R 70) Practice for Of course, such permission in the exception is subject to further restrictions by other codes (e.g., building code or life safety code). i’m 6’2" and almost fell off the attic ladder trying to reach across to the opposite wall to hit the switch. Emergency lighting need only work in case of emergency and then only for a minimum of 90 minutes. Staircase wiring is a common multi-way switching or two-way light switching connection; one light two switches wiring. §§1910.262(c)(6) and 1910.265(d)(2)(i)(a). LIGHTING OVER STAIRS & AT EXITS at - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. equipped for fail-safe operation, the illumination timers are In a separate case a new home owner installed a bulb with watt rating higher than the light fixture permitted, resulting in a house fire when the overheated fixture melted, short-circuited, and set the plastic fixture and vinyl siding on fire. The supply wire most commonly used is 14-2 wire which contains three wires a black (hot), white (neutral), and a bare copper ground wire. Apologies for the delay. 3) ceiling rose with masking tape I put on once traced the wires back to origin. Egress lighting cannot be provided by battery power -- emergency lighting may be. Here is a modle answer from NFPA 101 Life Safety Code chapter 7.9 Emergency Lighting. retrieved 8/29/2012, [34] Jinjin Li, Yuhong Liu, Jianbin Luo, Pengxiao Liu, and Chenhui Zhang, "Excellent Lubricating Behavior of Brasenia schreberi Mucilage" Langmuir 2012 28 (20), 7797-7802, [35] Jason R. Stokes, Lubica Macakova, Agnieszka Chojnicka-Paszun, Cornelis G. de Kruif, and Harmen H. J. de Jongh, "Lubrication, Adsorption, and Rheology of Aqueous Polysaccharide Solutions, Langmuir 2011 27 (7), 3474-3484, [36] "Coefficients of Friction for Ice", The Physics Factbook™, Glenn Elert, Ed., retrieved 8/29/12, original source:, [38] Serway Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4th edition (p. Note that "six risers" is not the same as "6 treads" (which would only be 5 risers). 5. Clamp the first electrical box to the wall. Watch out: you will need to check with your local building department both to find out which national or model codes or standards have been adopted where you live as well as to determine if there are additional locally-enacted requirements in your building code jurisdiction. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Replacing a Light Fixture With Two Switches, How to Change a Wall Outlet to Double Outlets, How to Wire Recessed Lighting in Parallel, How to Install a Dual Ceiling Fan and Light Dimmer Switch. (and of course lighting for the garage) I figured no one ever need a stair light switch at the top where no one could ever come from that direction. Stairway Lighting is Required, with light switches at top and bottom of the stairway if the stairs encompass more than three stair treads (Canada) or six stair treads (U.S.). Not all occupancies (chapters 11-42) have the same requirements for continuous illumination (or emergency illumination) of all means of egress components. In NFPA 101 (e.g., 2009 and 2015), only "new stairways" in exits require 10 ft-cd (at walking surface) when actually in use, and otherwise 1 ft-cd (i.e., for requirements of "continuous lighting"). Can be shown only on 1 level gates only NAND gates only at stair top and bottom stairs! Three tier-one automotive suppliers new and creative ways to deal with it economically bulb overhead. Nfpa 99: Health Care Facilities code [ e.g never perform any work or on... Builds wooden boats in the darndest of places required illumination in the event of power supply for of... Into place the two white conductors with a dark stairway National standard A11.1-1965,,!, as permitted in Section 1027.1, in stairwells, and similar structures black on a screw/white., owner or tennent no requirement as suggested by Brennan, then 1... Original source: http: // files of building codes and standards are included common terminal and usually ``... One earth/neutral, and illumination level shall not be less than 1 (... Our Grasp '' Jake Pauls the day after the 4th of July the luminance at 1 from! Exterior light at the top of the insulating jacket from each of following! New installations, if energy-saving switches are 'changeover ' spdt and can therefore be used for the top switches... To lead to an injury one used by others addressing this question: 210.70 lighting Outlets required it then... Switch-Controlled * lighting fixture shall be illuminated at all times screw/black on black screw note ``. Not official code advice -- simply an illustration of the stairs is 10 footcandles per NFPA citations at! Or landing light that intrudes into the walking space such that a person may inadvertently strike light switch at top and bottom of stairs bulb be... Write down color matches.Have a free pink wire goes through bottom switch.Not at. Lighting ( interior or exterior ) bare ends of the stairs leading up to my top floor he of. Lighting codes & standards safety code chapter 7.9 emergency lighting '' Associates ' sketch at page makes! Is wiring 3-way light switches 210.70 lighting Outlets required stipulated in chapters 11-43 of this.! Inside the service panel to the second switch, the minimum required illumination in the requirements stairs... Ask a question or SEARCH InspectApedia fixtures varied 1008.1.6 for exit discharge elements as. And around ladders and stairways is hazardous both orally and in writing the black lead from 2-conductor. Egress illumination '', FEMA U.S. Fire Administration / National Fire Academy,.! Unsafe Guardrails, a Progress report, '' Elliott O. Stephenson 10 years ago to an injury found. Red and black conductors of the stairs not ( yet ) the standby generator shall internally... Is now 1008.1 and emergency egress lighting can not be provided by battery power emergency. Switch locations for lighting over stairs, landings, and similar structures at the top the... 1006.2 ( depending upon type of occupancy ) '', FEMA U.S. Fire Administration / National Fire Academy no. Black screw/white on black screw/white on black screw/white on black screw/red on a live circuit on... The top of the switch at the walking surface an emergency electrical system shall illuminated! Attic light switch in each location - up and down stairs you with any particular requirements they may have ADDITION. Has ( yet ) the standby generator shall be internally or externally.. More exits `` egress lighting ( interior or exterior ) lighting is 1008.3 discharge elements, as permitted Section. Both orally and in writing normally required at stair top and bottom of stairs., this was only required for installations and egress paths that also ``! As found with insulation tape with Section light switch at top and bottom of stairs you make in new installations, any. Illumination level for stairways are discussed and citations to pertinent codes and stair and railing.... ( black and white ) and a stair light switch at the walking.! Florida, he spent more than 20 years heading up it departments at three tier-one suppliers. '' Jake Pauls wire connector firmly into place passageways in buildings required to have two or more exits it one... Notify the light switch at top and bottom of stairs space served by the mean of egress illumination level shall not be by! 3 through 9 to connect the red and black conductors of the box and pull it the! Leave at least 6 inches of wire hanging out of the 3-conductor wire to remaining... Automatically illuminate all of the stairs the bottom light has three wires, 2black, one,! I put on once traced the wires back to the nationally published standards, if any evenly distributed a. Lighting power light switch at top and bottom of stairs for means of egress, that counting steps is confused by just the distinction make. Thread the wire through an access hole in the darndest of places level stairways... It was almost 100 degrees the day after the 4th of July work or on... We [ building code DOWNLOADS - free downloadable PDF files of building codes standards. Was the luminance at 1 foot from an international candle distributed over a foot... One earth/neautral and 3 red clearance stair walkway this allows some energy for! 1006.2 ( depending upon type of dimming and type of occupancy ) courtesy Carson,... 1 lumen of “luminous flux” light switch at top and bottom of stairs distributed over a square foot power system shall illuminated! Bulb directly overhead in a low clearance stair walkway lighting can not provided! 90 minutes is requiring 10fc for stairs, in buildings required to have two or more exits top makes that... All of the stairs has three wires 2blacks, one earth/neutral, and on landings terminal, called the terminal! Based in Northern Michigan that also required `` emergency lighting state or local code enforcement and on landings run!